Purple Skittles Nug Run Badder



Purple Skittles Nug Run Badder

Purple Skittles, which is also famous as Purple Zkittlez, is a strong Indica strain. This marijuana’s genetics take origins from a crossing of Purple Punch and Zkittlez. Though it’s hard to name the exact breeder, some people believe that it is a piece of work from Ethos Genetics.

Besides surprising one with pleasant flavors, Purple Skittles strain can also overwhelm with its potency. The weed contains a THC ratio that ranges between 17-23%, while the CBD level is only about 0.05-0.46%. Considering its high THC content, this marijuana may not be the best choice for novice smokers. To enjoy this cannabis to the extent, it’s best for the evening and nighttime consumption. nug run badder

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Badder, also called batter, is a cannabis concentrate named for its malleable consistency that resembles frosting or a thick cake batter