Live Resin Badder Cough OG


A combination of the Cough and Legend OG creates this hybrid live resin badder that brings you to creative and happy, cerebral sensations with body relaxation thank to 7.49% b-Myrcene. 


Live Resin Badder Cough OG

Live Resin Badder – Cough OG

With terpenes topping off at a total of 11.9%, Cough OG helps to reduce stress, depression, pain, and fatigue. Flavors are described as earthy, slightly doughy with a tinge of sourness and the sandy texture of this badder melts beautifully.  Live resin is extracted from fresh, frozen flower — a process that preserves more terpenes and offers a well rounded effect. Some describe the aroma as second best to actually smelling a flowering cannabis plant || THC: 77.53% || Terpenes: 11.9% || Hybrid. Live Resin Badder Cough OG

MPX Live Resin concentrates are derived from the highest quality cannabis materials that are harvested and immediately frozen to ensure maximum terpene and cannabinoid retention


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